Course 1-4

Main contents of our four courses

Course I – Basic knowledge

  • Introduction to the historic roots – eventually leading to the current differentiated development of RTF.
  • Topography of the reflex zones, working with two practical “keys” to understand the main principle and detect the areas on the feet:
    – Dr. FitzGerald’s empiric system of 10 longitudinal lines which connect the macrosystem (the whole person) with the microsystem (his/her  feet). (*  FitzGeralds Zonen?)
    – The “Life rule” of Similarity in Shape: The enlightening and explanatory fact that, among many other similarities, a sitting person resembles the shape of an upright standing foot (see illustr.).(Sitz. Mensch – Fuß?)
  • Indications – Contraindications
  • Ample practice how to treat nowadays patients according to their individual needs, and how to keep therapist’s hands and joints in good functional condition.
  • The meaning of pain – beyond the attitude to be only our enemy – and how to deal with it effectively during and after treatment.
  • The purpose of treatment reactions and how to deal with them.
  • Documentation of a series of RTF treatments.

Course II and III offer special developments within RTF such as:

  • Subtle, variable treatment techniques and functional connections, taking in account the multitude of irritations existing in today’s patients.
  • Treatment of scars and how to deal with their potential of physical and emotional reactions.
  • Zones of pelvic ligaments and tendons
  • Treatment of tooth zones and their multiple energetic connections to the whole person.
  • The lymphatic system conveyed into reflex zones, its value and importance for today’s patients.
  • Therapeutic “bridges” from RTF to meridians, osteopathy and other  treatment methods.
  • Exchange of treatment experiences and practical advise where necessary.

Course IV

  • consists of preparation to and performance of the RTF exam – written, verbally and practically. (*Kursgruppe bei der Arbeit?)