For non-professionals

Two-day courses for non-professionals

They address those interested in wellness, cosmetics, disease prevention and health care etc.
Due to Hanne Marquardt’s therapeutic background it was in the 1960th the obvious choice to start with instructing professionals only. Since about 20 years though, some of our centers offer two-day courses to non-therapeutic professions and lay people. They are meant to support and stabilize people who are generally healthy, or who have little ailments like temporary head or back pain, stress situations or digestive problems etc.
As more and more people are aware of the fact that preserving health is just as important as treating sick people, those courses find much appreciation.
Participants practise on each other simple techniques as how to find the main reflex zones, how to treat them and how to move the feet in a gentle an careful way.
They are precisely informed where the possibilities and limits of such treatments are to avoid conflicts with the existing health laws.